Friday, 6 July 2012

Winners and Losers

Glancing back through this blog, I came across a prospective track-listing for the Osiris album I was working on at that point. So, I thought it might be interesting to confirm-or-deny which of those tracks still have life. 

Crystal Starlight - this got finished, with a vocal by Jude, and is with Dave. Since he wrote some of it, and plays bass, it's as Osiris track, and it's therefore down to him.

Today is only Yesterday's Tomorrow - again, a Dave-written track of which he has a finished mix.

Intus Extra Caput Meum - has a new lyric, and is now called Earth and Sky.It still sounds very "70s Gong".

Break The Chain (working title) - became Chain of Thought in collaboration with Bridget, and has gone for inclusion on a Spirits Burning album, as and when.

More Light - See previous blog entry.

Child of the Sable Night - Dave's original spoken-word piece. Never got anything done with it.

Jabberwocky - still live and dangerous. Violin from Cyndee, piano from Howard Boder and a cast of thousands on vocals.

Nanobots - final vocals being recorded next weekend if all goes to plan. Definitely still in the mix.

I'm not under any illusions about anyone else keeping track of any of this - but if I have any internet stalkers - Hi there :)


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