Monday, 14 May 2012

So farewell, then

After four years and two albums, we've finally decided to call it a day. Dave deciding to leave the band was a huge blow, obviously, but Milo, Jude and Dom were set to carry on with a new bass-player, and maybe even finally locate a keyboard-player to make Osiris more of a "band" and less of a "project".

However, we'd been working for months towards our first appearance of the year at the SoundFoursome festival - when this event was cancelled, it was another big step backwards. That left a small local support slot in June, and Onboard The Craft in September. Not much to look forward to, not much of a draw for new band members. Replacement or even stand-in bass-players were turning us down on a daily basis. Practical issues and personal negativity started to pile up.

There comes a point when it becomes clear that fate, God, karma, life, quantum physics or whatever agency you choose to believe in does not seem to want you to do something. All the doors were closing, none were opening. None of us are professional musicians - we do music because we love it. When you're no longer looking forward to plugging the guitar in - it's time to stop.

If you're reading this, it's because you were interested in the music. Thank you for that. We thought it was pretty good, and some people agreed with us. Very few of them actually bought the albums, so a very special "thank you" if you were one of them.

Very special thanks to everyone who guested on the recordings, and very special thanks to Jude and Dom, who worked damned hard to put together a live show.

Over and out.