Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Reports of my death.....

...have been greatly exaggerated.

Good old Mr Twain, always good for a pithy quote.

Right. So. No more Osiris.... but I got to thinking......

There was an album of material written and demoed. On the majority, my erstwhile music partner had (as yet) made no contribution to writing or recording. Several other people had, and had taken time and trouble to record guest parts......I hate wasting things, especially other people's time and talent.

One song has found a home with Spirits Burning, and will appear on an album as and when. But the rest.....

I was a bit stumped for a short while, didn't really have the enthusiasm to pick up the headphones again.....but old habits die hard. As usual (with me), until it had a name and a shape, it wasn't real.

It now has a name and a shape. Existing music is moving towards being finished, and some new music is appearing. There should be finished tracks soon, and an album in the Autumn.

It sounds a lot like Osiris, as you might expect. Most of the people are the same, the approach is the same, the ideals are the same. Space-prog lives on.

Watch this space.