Monday, 16 July 2012


Good session on Saturday with Jude Merryweather (from Underground Zero) - 4 hours or so, with several digressions and tea breaks, but ripped through her lead vocal on one song, got down her additions to a "choir" section and recorded some spoken-word snippets - which gets one huge track to the "ready to finish" stage. Another would be there too, aside from the decision made at the weekend to use live flute on it - but I can get it as close to finished as possible, and add the flute at a later stage once I get the chance to go to Norfolk to record my "tame flautist".

Inspired by the recent burst of activity, and starting to feel the momentum a bit now, I've launched the Backroom Children page on Facebook - - please come and like!

Websites will be forthcoming this week, I hope. There will be pages on Soundawesome and Reverbnation for showcasing songs, but these are a little way away yet - need to finish some more final mixes first (always the time-consuming bit).


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