Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sky, mainly

A grey and miserable weekend, in the main. Rain stopped play, but not playing.

Mainly working on the bass part for "Earth and Sky". I do like *playing* bass, but recording bass is more frustrating, as you then hear all the mistakes. This song is in five sections, and the fourth one was definitely a challenge for a (relatively) novice bass-player such as myself - played it right through several times before getting a take that had some good bits, then went back and did (many) drop-ins to fix the fluffs, and came back to it on Monday evening to fix a few other things that I knew I'd wince at every time heard them..... but it is, at last, done.

I also added a (programmed) flute solo using the rather good Inox Flute VST plug-in (free!) - but this may get dumped - it's not brilliant, and lying in bed later, I was thinking about a vocal in the same place. What I'd *really* like there is a sax solo, but I don't have a tame sax player to call on - although we managed to get live sax on both the Osiris albums, it was always a bit uphill. Where is Didier Malherbe when you need him...... ?

1 comment:

  1. I like the flute. And the guitar that follows. The bass is prime. The Warner Brothers ending sounds like it should go on a G&L tune.

    That's all folks!