Friday, 6 July 2012

More of the same

Quite a productive week.

Last weekend, after many abortive attempts, I managed to finish off the bass part for a revamp of "More Light" - the Osiris The Rebirth cut of this track is on the "Allies & Clansmen II" free CD available from Omenopus,.com . However - this was an edited version, and I always planned to do a better one. Having finally nailed the bass part, I got in touch with Nigel Potter , who very kindly played some rather good lead guitar, as the icing on the cake. As a result, I managed to get this track finished on Wednesday. Yes!!! A finished track!!!! As an aside - Lee Potts (of Omenopus) is also cooking an "Omenopus remix" of this track. Goody, goody.....

In other news, also last weekend, I put the finishing touches to a track for the Raspberry Silk project with my friend Kim Novak - Kim has guested on both Osiris albums, but we've been working together over 10 years, on and off on different things. Raspberry Silk is a more mainstream project, and is very much a duo. This song - "Tell Him No" was written by Kim, and recorded for her 2007 solo album "Pilot Light". We've now nabbed it, rocked it up some and merged it with a spoken-word track from her 2009 album "One Way". Sounds pretty good, and will emerge in the fullness of time.

Progress this week also on a new song, title TBC, which should be a fourth collaboration with Bridget Wishart. Previously, the Osiris The Rebirth tracks "Starlight Scorpio" and "Planetscape" featured Bridget's unique talents, and there is also a collaboration between she and I that's heading for an album under Don Falcone's "Spirits Burning" project.

This evening (Friday), I've recorded the vocals for the song "Earth and Sky", with lyrics by my old mate Duane Tate. Also, bass guitar and vocals now in from Vince Negri for his self-penned song "Exult", so this is now good to go for the final fix & mix.

Mark my words, Marcel, sinister forces are at work......


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