Saturday, 11 February 2012

Well, lookie here......

OK, we've finally decided to centralise our blog. We've had various blog-type things on various sites at various times, but it has taken until now to think "Hey, why not just have one blog on a proper blogging site? Duh!". Well, no-one ever accused us of being smart.......

For the next few months, we're working on two things - the new album, and the live band.

We've been rehearsing with our new drummer, Dom Tofield, and that's coming together nicely. We'll be bringing Jude in to rehearse the vocals once we have the music under control. We're *still* missing a keyboard-player, but hope to get that squared-away fairly soon.

We're confirmed to play the SoundFoursome event in Derbyshire in early June - exact running order TBC. There is also the likelyhood that we'll be at Onboard The Craft in September - again, TBC. Other dates as and when we know them.

Album-wise, there is a bunch of stuff floating around in demo form at the moment, plus a couple of tracks still gestating - too much for a single album, so we'll be releasing any surplus in other ways. If you're here reading this blog, then we're happy to share what's going down at the moment.

Crystal Starlight is a straightforward space-rocker, based on an old song of Dave's. We're rehearsing this as a live song as well as recording the album track.
Today is only Yesterday's Tomorrow is again based on an old song of Dave's, but we've gone for an electro-pop treatment on this. Bit of a Kraftwerk homage.
Intus Extra Caput Meum is a lyric of Dave,s, to which Milo is trying to put music. This is likely to sound a bit "70s Gong" by the time we're done with it.
Break The Chain (working title) is some musical ideas from Milo that are currently with Bridget for Wishartification.... (the "New Noun" light just came on - 3000 point bonus!).
More Light is a spacerock jam that Dave says sounds a bit like Litmus - hoping to have a special guest on this one. This might not make the album, but may well be a live track.
Child of the Sable Night is a spoken-word piece of Dave's which will get some musical content somewhere along the line. There are a couple of other spoken-word bits that will appear on the album too - if you have any of our albums, you'll know what to expect.
Jabberwocky is what you'd expect - a musical treatment of the Lewis Carroll nonsense poem. This is a rework of a track that Milo recorded in 1994. Cyndee Lee Rule guests on violin.
Nanobots is "the long one" - a narrative symphonic prog epic. This is something that Milo started writing in about 2003, but got painted into a corner on the story aspect (Yes, but what happened *then*?), until a conversation with Dave cleared the blockage.

So, only 8 songs - but you know us. Nanobots is 25 minutes, Jabberwocky is 15, Break The Chain is another 10 (at least at the moment) - that's 50 minutes with just those three.

Guests? Well, of course! Most of the collective who guested on "Lost" will be "doing a turn" for us again, and there will be one or two new faces too.....but always best not to confirm or deny things until the parts are actually recorded and in the final mix.

Check back soon - we'll post regularly here with album updates, live dates and other little snippets.

Onwards, upwards, inwards and slightly further to the left.... bit further.... no, the OTHER LEFT! .....perfect!

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  1. I am looking forward to this. I'll be getting in some of the w-w-w-for white ones(