Sunday, 19 February 2012

20th Feb Update

Soooo...... rehearsing this week, we gave Colgate Valentine, Karmic Vortex, Siren, Transdimension Flight and Crystal Starlight some attention. Starting to hang together now, although still sounds very empty without keys....are there *any* keyboard-players in the Oxford/Brackley/Milton Keynes kind of area who think they might want to play this gig? Email if you can give us any leads on this. Gigs are waiting, and we would *hate* to have to use MP3s again.

Dom, our drummer, has come up with the final version of the album cover art - so we've achieved our usual milestone of having the cover done before we've actually got any finished music.

Ah! Speaking of music, the demo of Intus Extra Caput Meum got finished this weekend. As advertised, there's a strong Gong influence on this one. What we really need to do now is crack on with getting finished recordings done (notably bass and vocals) and start to turn the screws a little on our guest performers to turn their parts in.

Onwards, upwards and  inwards.


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